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  • 1800 questions and answers biology website

    Posted on July 29th, 2009 admin 10 comments

    This is quite a good a good website providing quick and easy answers to biology questions. Suitable for AS and A2 but could also be used for IGCSE/GCSE. You can even post a question if you can;t find the answer already.

    Website link is:

    You can also download the e-book for only 5 dollars. See bottom of far right sidebar for link or follow the link below:
    Click here to view more details


    10 responses to “1800 questions and answers biology website”

    1. […] on how to revise, pay attention because those tips were written by students (from the wonderful clickBiology web). And of course you should read the Examiner Tips […]

    2. put biology answers on here

    3. Due to requests by teachers I do not add answers here as it would defeat the object of setting the questions as students could just download the answer sheets. The resources are developed for teachers to use and they are able to develop their own answers. Also all question sheets are designed to go with a specific text-book. They are in effect guided note taking tools rather than straight question/answer resources. Hence, all the answers are available in the textbook associated with the resource. I had planned to set up a password protected resource site for teachers only which would have answers and subscriptions but am not technically proficient enough yet to do that. It came as a surprise to me that students use the site so frequently and I do think need to re-evaluate how I run the site. However, as I said, use the textbooks and you will find the answers. Hope that helps and thank you for giving me the opportunity to exlain why there are no answers available.



    5. i do appreciate all who are responsible for preparing this site i`ve learn a lot of thing which i had partially idea on it cause i`ve been print it and i have my own copy.and i can learn any tym in my time table..and it help me a lot with this advance biology…GOOD JOB

    6. what is a cell

    7. please could you send me the recent questions and answers in biology

    8. i like

    9. apologies, I don’t write this so do not have the recent copy. There is an associated website I believe that may have updates.

    10. this may hlp:

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