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  • Presentation: classification and keys

    Posted on September 6th, 2010 admin 7 comments

    This is a short PowerPoint presenenation which outlines the binomial system, cladistics and dichotomous keys. This matches the Cambridge IGCSE specification.


    classification and keys


    7 responses to “Presentation: classification and keys”

    1. the zip file does not contain any PPT ??

    2. I think it maybe your browser. It shouldn´t be a zip file as I only loaded the ppt. I have the same problem at work using internet explorer and someone else says it doesn´t work with opera. Not sure why this is but it works fine with mozilla. I will try reloading it tonight and see what happens. Sorry, I know this is annoying!

    3. okay, I have reloaded it and made sure it is saved as an older format of Powerpoint. Hope it works now :)

    4. I am a IGCSE bio teacher. We have just finished bio syallabus. I wan to revise the content chapterwise before the discussion of past papres. Can you please help me to give some site address or links from where i can get free worksheets/practice paper of good standard.

      Waiting reply

    5. The best place to go, if you are doing the Cambridge IGCSE is the exam boards site itself. If you can get your school to register you as a teacher there are loads of materials in the teacher support area, including all the past papers and markschemes plus a resource centre. There is also a community forum where teachers submit their own work. The link is.

      Also try the Times Educational Supplement resources site

      Kind regards,

    6. iam an A level teacher and i have just finished my AS topics. i want to revise the topics with my students. it would be very helpful if you could provide me the names or links of sites from where i could get some worksheets, practice questions, etc. i have already been to the cie website, so i would like to have the names of some other useful sites

    7. Sorry for my late reply but I have been away. I am afraid that I do not follow the CIE A Level syllabus so am not up to date on any links directly associated with their course (other than their own). I usually assume that any A Level resource will have relevant topics, for example photoysnthesis is the same whatever syllabus you study. I do think CIE do have a resources page that directs you to resources they think are good plus a very good online community of teachers yo can sign up for. I know quite a few teachers upload their own resources there. Failing that it is simply down to googling for general resources and adapting them to your own syllabus. Good luck, Allison

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