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  • Interactive powerpoint presentation: brain structure and function

    Posted on January 3rd, 2011 admin 4 comments

    This powerpoint presentation is designed for A2 Biology and matches the Edexcel course as it includes sections on brain imaging technology. However it is fairly standard so would suit all exam boards. A key feature of this presentation is that it has interactive drag and drop exercises so gets the students up to the white board. It also has lots of links to relevant short videos and websites. It also includes a mini quiz to help revise the structure and functions of parts of the brain, students can just write their one word answers on scrap paper. I have also included worksheets to fill in during the presentation and some notes pages in case students are absent etc. Note: if you want to incorporate the drag and drop exercises into your own presentation you will have to modify this presentation and add your own stuff to it, the slides will not copy and paste into other presentations without the drag and drop macro.

    PRESENTATION: brain-drag-and-drop

    WORKSHEETS: The brain

    NOTE SHEETS: Structure and function of the brain notes


    4 responses to “Interactive powerpoint presentation: brain structure and function”

    1. excellent presentations…… haven’t viewed all.Thanks

    2. Once again, excellent presentations and worksheets – a God send for assisting with all my planning and prep time.
      The students have already used the Brain Structure & Function worksheet and found it very useful to summarise all the parts.
      Thankyou Allison!

    3. Hi there,

      I’m not able to drag anything (I’m using Powerpoint from Office for Mac 2011). Any ideas? Thank you!


    4. Ah, not sure about Mac I am afraid. You need to lower the security for any perhaps google help for that. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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