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  • IGCSE Biology: Food and Nutrition worksheets

    Posted on April 7th, 2009 admin 9 comments


    Click on link above image for resource.

    This is a project pack of worksheets that works through IGCSE Cambridge Biology sections on Food and Nutrition. All the answers are found in the Mary Jones IGCSE textbook and the InfoQuest (as I call it) also asks students to answer questions from the textbook. As a rule the students can work through chapter 4 more or less in order.If you do not use this textbook then it is very easy to delete the textbook specific sections (i.e. references to questions in the book) and the sheets should still be useful as most of the information is fairly generic.

    I find these InfoQuests very useful to set as holiday homework, during times when classes are disrupted due to shows, sports events etc. or for students/teachers off long-term sick or travelling . Equally (if I am honest) they are very useful during very busy times at work when you need the students to do some independent learning. This can free you up to mentor individuals or, lets be truthful, catch up on administration. I of course always back these up with reviewing the notes and with PowerPoints, experiments and videos.

    Personally I find these a great resource to split up teacher led sections with more focussed student activities. After all we cannot be all-singing, all-dancing 8 periods a day 5 days a week for an entire term. So I certainly recommend downloading it and keeping it as a back-up resource at least.


    9 responses to “IGCSE Biology: Food and Nutrition worksheets”

    1. Good coverage…do not have my own website but would like to share questions I created when I log on next
      Have a Blessed day! (:

    2. Lovely

    3. Thank you for your nice comments, and particularly for wishing me a blessed day…that is special. I hope you have one too.

    4. thanks for your wonderful efforts.helps a lot
      bst igcse bio website.
      god bless u!!!!!11

    5. i hav a request that cud u plz add a ppt for this topic “NUTRITION”?I WUD BE HIGHLY OBLIGED THANKS

    6. and thank you for taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated

    7. I will try to add more content but I have just started a new job so I may be a bit slow. Thanks for the suggested topic, i will keep it in mind.

    8. This is great and a lot of help thanks! However there wasn’t anything on the central nervous system and breathing and gas exchange!!!

    9. you are right, I do need to get more resources up

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