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  • A Level animal cell structure and function powerpoint quiz and worksheets

    Posted on March 26th, 2009 admin 20 comments
    animal cell quiz

    animal cell quiz

    (Powerpoint and worksheet links at bottom of post)


    The PowerPoint activity/quiz for AS level students focuses only on animal cell structure but plant cell and prokaryotic cell ones are being developed. It is designed as a self-study topic by the students in that they will sit at a computer terminal and work through the activities.

    Note that they will need to enable macros for this quiz to work. The slides will not click forward if you click on the main body of the slide. They will only move forward by either clicking action buttons, using the scroll wheel on your mouse or the PowerPoint arrows on the lower left corner or by choosing the correct answer in the quiz.

    I prefer to give students the PowerPoint show version of the presentation, so they can’t mess around with the design. Hence I have added a .pps version of the presentation also. This show has been set up to prevent students from scrolling through the slides before each activity/question is complete .

    The first activity slide involves the students clicking on information buttons to reveal the name and function of the organelles (which is important as these are obviously a diagrammatic representation). They can fill in the two associated worksheets:
    a) Labelling the diagram

    b) Structure and function of organelles. As we know Edexcel like the students to be able to draw or describe an organelle as well as state the function (just double check they do not actually believe the organelles are the colours I have chosen!). The table should have large enough spaces to allow for diagrams and/or descriptions.

    These worksheets are designed to be printed off and written on. If you want the students to type up their answers on the computer then they need to be modified so I have added a second version of each worksheet (with online added to name).

    Once the students have completed the worksheets they can work through the quiz. This is not designed as a test but to conslidate their learning so there is no mark at the end-they have to find the correct answer.

    Hope you like it and please do give me feedback.

    Teacher presentation:


    Student show:


    Worksheet 1 Print version:


    Worksheet 1 Online version


    Worksheet 2 Print version:


    Worksheet 2 Online version


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    20 responses to “A Level animal cell structure and function powerpoint quiz and worksheets”

    1. Online education is also good specially if you have very good and talented students.;*’

    2. Online education is also as good as conventional education but interpersonal interaction might be limited.:~’

    3. Hi do you provide the answers for the worksheet?thanks

    4. Hi, sorry for not replying quicker but I was on holiday. You have a really good point about answer sheets. I will certainly try and get some added. Thanks for the suggestion :)

    5. curlycaramelcutie

      Thanks a lot for this!

    6. my pleasure:D This is my most popular resources. I am working on the plant cell version so that should be up soon. Thanks for commenting. x

    7. Hmmm THX for this help. I never seen better blog.

    8. the publications arent working, is this just my computer? and it wont let me interact

    9. They should work. If you can open it but not make the buttons work then it is probably because your security settings for macros is too high. You need to set them to medium or low and then it should work fine :)

    10. I am in the Faculty of Dentistry

    11. Hi admin, I have a little request. I was just simply searching for details on the topic you published and found this post. Some great material you posted here. Can I please discuss this post on my new site I am working on? This would be great :). I am going to check back again later to see how you responded. Thank you, Shirely Bulacan

    12. If it is an educational site and appropriate to the age groups I teach (students use my site as well as teachers) then I would be delighted for to reference it. Thank you very much for asking :)

    13. Violetta rose .N.


    14. What comment was that Violetta, it may have gone through to my spam by accident

    15. How do I lower the security settings?

    16. if you are using Powerpoint 2003: Go to the TOOLS menu, then choose OPTIONS, Go to the SECURITY tab, and choose MACRO SECURITY that is on a button in the bottom left of the form, Set it to MEDIUM or LOW
      If you are using owerpoint 2007:Click on the Developer tab and go to Macro security. Click enable macros. There is a warning that this could be dangerous as there could be dodgy code. Don´t worry about this, there is no dodgy code from me! You will then need to save the presentation, close it and re-open it.
      If you open the presenation in a browser you will still need to alter your security settings in PowerPoint first

    17. I would just like to thank you for your work. I have used it with my puils in England and accross South America – They have all benefited from your work. Many thanks! x

    18. Glad it has been helpful to you and thank you very much for taking the time to comment.

    19. where are the answers provided for the question related to identification of animal cell?????????

    20. The first slide on the powerpoint presentation (provided you enable macros) has all the labels and functions. If you work through tha the you can fill in the worksheet. Same with the quiz on the Powerpoint, you cannot move forward on it unless you identify the correct label, so keep clicking until you choose the right one. I do not provide answer sheets as teachers like to use my resources to set as homework and it would mean that students could just look up the answers online rather than do the work. Hope this helps.

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